Potential Conference Venue - Wanda Vista Hotel

The conference will potentially be held at Tianjin Wanda Vista Hotel. Wanda Vista Hotel Tianjin is a five-star hotel in downtown Tianjin. ISHVAC-COBEE2015 international conference was successfully organized in this hotel with more than 550 participants. The hotel is a 7-minute walk from Dongxinglu metro station, 6 km away from Tianjin Railway Station, and 10 km away from Tianjin Binhai International Airport.


The Chinese/Western cafeteria in the hotel will be used for the preparation of arranged lunches, the Chinese/Western Banquet Hall for the opening reception and the conference banquet. Tea/Coffee breaks are arranged for during the conference. Besides, conventional cakes, coffee and tea, local specialty snacks will be provided for a taste of Tianjin. Access to the convention foyer and additional rooms for the speaker’s lounge, VIP room, conference office, etc., are to be provided, too.